Yo, listen up, I got some knowledge to drop
From probate to contracts, I’ll make your legal game pop
First off, let’s talk about free legal help with probate
When you need legal guidance, there’s a place you can go to get saved
And if you’re in the business game, don’t forget the contract of service case law
Know your stuff, study up, and make sure your contracts are raw
But before you jump in, check if you got the right specialty contractor license
Don’t want to get caught and pay a hefty fine or some other price
When it’s time to end things, you might need an early termination of contract sample
But don’t mess it up or you’ll end up in a legal battle that’s ample
For all my legal pros, check out the common business card sizes
Lookin’ professional is key, keep it tight, no need for compromises
And when it comes to gifting that green, know the legal limit for gifting money
Stay within the lines, or Uncle Sam might come knockin’ and that’s not funny
There’s three types of legal systems, know what’s what, get a grip
It’s important to know the rules of the game so you never slip
For all my game designers out there, know the game design major requirements
Study hard, be a star, and your dreams will be in sight and not out of your reach
And last but not least, when it’s time to void a contract, know how long you have to void a contract
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So that’s the rap, hope you dig it, now go forth and conquer your legal space
Remember these tips and tricks, and you’ll never get caught in a legal rat race