Check here to see whether the SEC has raised any questions about the company’s statements that have not been resolved. EBay is required to apply federal, and if applicable state backup withholding until you provide us with your valid TIN (SSN, EIN, or ITIN). If backup withholding was not applied to the entire payout, the portion of your payout not yet withheld, will remain on payout block.

  • Unlike the 10-K filed annually, other forms serve related purposes, but have different schedules.
  • Understanding a 10-K can help you know much more about your investments, but they make for very dense reading.
  • However, investors continue to demand more transparency from companies regarding their ESG policies and practices.
  • So knowing what the business offers and how it works will be integral to interpreting other sections of the document correctly.
  • Changes in working capital, lawsuits, and other legal risks might be mentioned for which cash reserves haven’t been built yet.

For an investor looking to buy stocks, pay attention to historic financial trends. If the company seems stagnant, or even contracting, it may not be poised for significant growth in its stock price. These are the three main areas that a retail investor should look at when choosing whether to buy into a company.

Why did I not receive all of my available balance after backup withholding?

The deadline for filing a 10-K is between 60 and 90 days after the end of the company’s fiscal year, depending on the size of the company. Current accounting rules are written in a way that if management cannot accurately predict the potential damage of certain risk, it may not have to put aside any reserve at all. This means that the exposure doesn’t show up in the financial statements. Financial statements, such as the income statement and balance sheet—which show you how much money a company made, its debt levels, and other important data—are the most important part of the Form 10-K filing.

  • Part I of this form will include information on the company’s core business model, with a statement of the company’s chief revenue streams.
  • Any company that is consistently beating their competition may be one worth looking into more.
  • The report, along with other company filings, are available for free on the SEC website from its EDGAR database.
  • In this section, investors can learn about specific business risks, as well as exposure resulting from changes in interest rates, currency, and other financial market conditions.
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If you don’t provide us with your TIN, your payouts will be put on hold, your ability to list and sell on eBay may be restricted, and we will deduct backup withholding from your payments. If you’ve sold goods through eBay and the total sales exceed the IRS threshold, the IRS requires us to send you a Form 1099-K. When your name and SSN, ITIN, or EIN on your eBay account doesn’t match the IRS’s records, you’ll receive a B Notice (notice of backup withholding) through USPS. IRS regulations require all payers, including online marketplaces like eBay, to issue a Form 1099-K for all sellers who meet the reporting threshold, namely $20,000 and 200 transactions in 2023.

Management’s discussion and analysis

References to these proceedings could also be disclosed in the Risks section or other parts of the report. Generally, the amounts an individual withdraws from an IRA or retirement plan before reaching age 59½ are called “early” or “premature” distributions. Individuals must pay an additional 10% early withdrawal tax unless an exception applies. As long as there are no other pending account issues, eBay will initiate your payout automatically on the same day as withholding.

Form 10-K

The IRS requires eBay to withhold 24% on all gross payments from sellers who fail to provide the appropriate required and valid documentation. We’re required by law to ask for your 9-digit SSN or ITIN for each account you have with eBay. The IRS and States require the TIN to comply with Form 1099-K requirements. Maintaining accurate information from our sellers ensures there are no payout delays. For 2023, the IRS requires eBay and other online marketplaces to report total sales exceeding $20,000 and 200 transactions on Form 1099-K.

Nasdaq Futures

This form is a comprehensive report of a company’s performance and includes relevant information about its financial position. Unlike the 10-K, the information in the 10-Q is usually unaudited. The company is only required to file it three times a year as the 10-K is filed in the fourth quarter. The Management Discussion & Analysis, found in the filing’s Part II, Item 7, is loaded with information about the company’s financial performance, management’s plans and expectations, and potential red flags.

Business model and risks

Still, while the layout may not please the eye, the information held within the form may. The form describes the firm itself, as well as a treasure trove of financial information, and management’s take on this data. It also includes details, both about the company’s largest owners, as well as its executive management team. Most investors, however, are generally concerned with Part II, i.e., the financial data contained within the document, because it provides them with information for a sound basis to invest in a stock.

What Is the 10-K Filing Deadline?

Companies with a float between $75 million and $700 million have 75 days, while companies with less than $75 million in their float have 90 days. The CEO and CFO must provide signed letters swearing under oath that the company’s books are accurate to their knowledge. These letters are a way for the government to prosecute executives who knowingly falsify their Form 10-K or other required disclosures. A Form 10-K provides significant benefit to investors by disclosing information about a company’s financial health that can be difficult to find anywhere else.

For example, five years ago most companies weren’t writing about a potential pandemic. The goal is to give as complete a picture as possible, but not everything can be predicted. A corporation’s annual report is usually an illustrated, thick booklet. It is a professionally bound but flexible publication, often resembling a printed magazine. It is intended for—and distributed to—shareholders, but is also freely given to anyone interested in the company.